Friday, October 28, 2011

10 Year High School Reunion!

Last month I attend my 10 Year High School Reunion!

Friends, I feel OLD.

No, I didn't lose the weight I wanted to, but I enjoyed the event a lot nevertheless.

I had a minor "I can't find anything to wear" panic before the reunion, but I manged to find an on-sale dress at Macy's for $22 about 5 hours before the reunion started. Awesome!

Here I am with a bunch of friends that I grew up with. I met most of these girls when I was in the 3rd grade or 4th grade! So fun to get together with them. Two of the girls in this photo were my bridesmaids.

The Mr. came with me. I was so glad that he could meet a lot of that I grew up with/went to High School with. Plus, I was glad to have a date with me. :)

This is one of my oldest friends. I met her on the first day of third grade when I was brand new to my elementary school. She is one the sweetest people I know. She is getting married in February and I am SO excited for her!

This is SK. I've known her since Freshman year. She works for an awesome social media company that many of you know and love (think restaurant reviews) and she is also getting married soon. AND GUESS WHAT?! She reads my blog! So fun. Hi SK! So good to see you!

Here's my whole class that showed up to the reunion. I think only about 25% of our graduating glass was there, but I hear that's pretty normal.

A few final observations about my high school reunion:
1) People pretty much look the same at 28 as they did at 18 -- not many people got fatter or thinner. No big shockers.
2) Facebook has pretty much ruined reunions. I'm Facebook friends with so many people from High School that I feel like I kind of already "knew" what people were up to.
3) I spent way to much time stressing about what to wear. I can hardly remember what other people wore until I looked at the photos.

Did you attend your HS Reunion? Any fun observations from it?
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