Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boston in July

We recently spent six days in Boston. It was such a great trip! Boston is an amazing city to be in for the 4th of July. So patriotic. It was also to bid a final farewell to Boston with my parents before they moved back to San Diego for good.

Day 1

We started the first day with a long walk from The Old State House, to Boston Common, to Commonweath Ave.

Near the Old State House we spotted this fun group of colonial soldiers.

I loved seeing the swan boats

Commonwealth Ave is so pretty and lined with such amazing houses and trees. I had some fun with the statues in the park.

After our walk we hopped a cab to the Museaum of Fine Arts. There was a cook Katz exhibit going on.

My favorite areas are the Americas and the Impressionists. I loved these Monets.

For dinner we at Legal Seafood Harborside

We all got whole lobsters for dinner. Yum! 
Then we did ANOTHER long walk from Fan Wharf all the way to the North End to Modern Pastry.

While walking we spotted all these kids having a blast playing the fountains above the big dig. I love hot Summer nights.

 Finally we got to modern pastry for amazing cannolis. It was worth the miles of walking.

Day 2 

On the second day we rented a car and drove up to Crane Beach and enjoyed a day of fun and sun.

We then had dinner at The Helmand (Afgan food). Then we walked along the Charles River.

It was such a gorgeous night.

Day 3

On the third day we spent most of the day shopping. Not too many pictures except this one of the Mr. surrounded by bags and shoes, exhausted.

The we got in line for the July 3rd Boston Pops concert. It's the dress rehearsal for the July 4th Boston Pops that's televised nationally.

It was a lot of  fun to see the Boston Pops. Jennifer Hudson was the headliner, so it was cool to see her.

 Stay tuned for Part 2 - Boat Cruise, Fireworks, and Sam Adams! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Enjoy This Time, You Won’t Get it Back

This is a picture of me exactly one month before I met and fell for the guy who would become my husband .

Summer 2003

I know, I look so young and fresh-faced, without a care in the world, right?


The funny thing is that in the two years leading up to meeting my husband I had constant drama and worries about finding “the guy”. I feared that I would never “the one” and I’d be alone forever. (ya know, because that’s a legitimate worry for a 20-year-old, right?).

I stressed out about every guy I crushed on, went out with guys who didn’t have real potential just so I wouldn’t be alone, and cried when I didn’t have a steady guy to bring to my sorority invites.

I wish I could go back and tell that 20-year-old girl “RELAX! You’ll meet him. Soon. And then you’ll never be single again. Never. So just enjoy this time right now. Because you won’t get back.”

I’m not saying that meeting my husband wasn’t one of the best things to ever happen to me. I’m saying that stressing about meeting a guy to marry didn’t make me meet him sooner. And I wasted a lot of tears and missed out on some fun times in my young life because I was too busy being sad about being single.

It’s funny (and scary) to think about how a week from now or a month from now your life could totally change. But today is just a normal day. You only later know that you were in the “final days” in retrospect. Like I look at the girl in that photo and smile because her life is about to totally change just 30 days later and she has no idea. And it’s going to amazing, but different.

Why I am talking about this?

Because right now I’m in a season of life where a large part of me wants so badly to move onto the next phase of life. Babies, play dates, balancing work and family. All that.   

But the fact is, we don’t have control of most of the timing in our lives.

So I’m trying to not wish away the present time by wondering “when?” Or live in fear of “will this ever happen?”

Because someday (hopefully) I’ll look back on today and see that my life changed dramatically in just a few short months or years. These were the “final days” to enjoy. And I’ll never get these days back.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday, Beer, & Little Car


A couple of weeks ago I turned 29. This is dangerously close to 30. I'm in denial.

I was in Boston in the days leading up to my birthday and I spent most of my actual birthday flying back to San Diego so I didn't even get a picture on my Birthday.
2 days before my 29th birthday. I think I look younger there.
The Mr. bought me a kindle for my birthday. I love it. And I currently may be covertly reading a certain book that every woman in America is reading/had read.

We celebrated my birthday a little bit all week in Boston. But also celebrated the day after my birthday with a couple of friends at Prep Kitchen in Little Italy. It was so yummy! And I get to check that off my San Diego to-do list!


Last weekend one of my best friends from LA was in town. So on Saturday we did a small beer tour of San Diego. We tasted beer at Green Flash, Ballast Point, and Societe. They were all great, but Green Flash was actually my favorite.
Green Flash
Ballast Point
So I checked another item off my San Diego to-do list! Just 14 more to go!

Little Car

On Friday we bought a "new" "car". And by "new" I mean used. And by "car" I mean low speed electric vehicle. It's basically a street-legal golf cart. It's perfect for cruising around town on errands, to dinner, and to the beach!

It's called a Ford Think. It's completely legal for roads up to 35 mph. It has a range of about 30 miles. It's 100% electric (costs about 4 cents a mile to drive). We love it.
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