Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Happiest Place(s) on Earth

A couple of weekends ago we spent two days at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The parks were doing $99 for two days for California residents which is a pretty good deal. We hadn't been to Disneyland in a while and the Mr. had never been to California Adventure, so we decided to go for it!

We spent the first day at Disneyland...

We did some shopping on Main Street.

And rode a ton of rides.

I love this look of intensity on both of our faces on Buzz Lightyear.

We loved the throwback Captain EO 3-D Show. I TOTALLY remember seeing this as a child. The Mr. liked it so much that he bought a Captain EO shirt (see later pictures)

We pretty much rode all the key rides in the morning -- Indiana Jones, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of Caribbean, Star Tours, and Haunted Mansion.

Then we ate lunch at Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside of Pirate of the Caribbean). The food isn't amazing but the ambiance is great!

Then in the afternoon we rode some of the "kiddie" rides.

While in line for Small World a boat got stuck because it was overloaded. Hilarious.

For dinner we went back to our hotel, The Sheraton Anaheim, for free food and wine in the Club Lounge. Yum!

Then we back to the park to see the fireworks and ride a few more rides.

We did some goofing around on Space Mountain (the second time we rode it).

We spent the second day at California Adventure...

We had a blast riding the California Screamin' Rollercoaster and The Tower of Terror.

But I was most excited for the Little Mermaid Ride. I'd been wanting a Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland since I was 7 years old and it was my favorite movie. I don't even care that the ride is for kids, it was so great! Here's a little peak at a fish from it:

We spent most of the afternoon exploring the park, seeing some 3D shows, and having a couple of beers. I love that California Adventure serves beer and wine!

I hadn't been to California Adventure since 2002 and they've done a LOT to improve the park since then. The wharf section is so cute!

We really lucked out with weather. It was a gorgeous Sunday at the park!

We had a great time at the parks, but both of us concluded that it feels a little strange to be 30/almost 30 at Disneyland with no kids. We decided that the next time we go back we'll have to borrow someone's kids or bring our (not yet even conceived) kids.

Monday, March 05, 2012

And then I got an iPhone...

A few weeks ago I got an iPhone. And since then I've been busy!

Busy asking Siri questions, telling her to set my alarm, and yelling at her when she she doesn't understand me.

Busy making words with my friends.

And busy Instagramming everything in sight...

Random mementos from our dinner at Melisse? Instragrammed.

Pet cemetery at Disneyland? Instragammed.

Myself in the car? Instagrammed!

Seriously, I have to resist the urge take a picture of every inanimate object in sight just to instagram it. Who knew a few photo filters could be SO addicting?

I know I am about 4 years late to the iPhone party, but I have to say, I like it a lot. I feel like my old Droid was pretty good (probably because Droids are becoming more like iPhones every month), but the iPhone is just a little more "slick" and easy to use.

I've got lot of other apps too... Pandora, Pinterest, CNN, Yelp, Flixter, Netflix, MyFitnessPal, The Bible, Southwest, and All Snow. But I'm always on the hunt for new apps. What iPhone apps do you like?
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