Friday, November 28, 2008

Newlywed Annual Pilgrimage: Thanksgiving in Oregon

A couple of years ago (before the Mr. and I were Mr. and Mrs.), we faced the decision that every couple makes about how to divide the holidays. Luckily for us, it was easy. The Mr's favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving, so he asked to do Thanksgiving in Oregon with his family. Which worked out great, since Christmas is WAY bigger deal for my family.

So for the past couple of years we've been doing our Annual Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to Oregon -- but this is a our first year we've done Thanksgiving as husband and wife (bonus: we finally get to sleep in the same bed!) and I really now feel like I'm a part of his family.

Thanksgiving is Oregon is always a wonderful time. I'm really blessed with great parents-in-law and brothers-in-law.

The Highlights

Thanksgiving Dinner:The food, the coziness, and the annual "what I'm thankful for" round table.

Some of the table decor

Chopping Down the Christmas Tree: Growing up in Southern California there isn't exactly an abundance of Pine Tree Farms around. So going out in the cold with the whole crew to chop down a tree at "Mike's U-Cut" is an awesome experience.

The boys and me with the fresh cut tree

Hanging out with the boys: I'm an only child and the Mr. is the oldest of four -- so having "siblings" a whole new experience. When him and his brothers get together (ages range from 18-26) it's like they're kids again. The wrestle and pester each other like baby lion cubs or something. We also got to watch USC destroy Notre Dame at his brother's new house, which was great.

Here's the Mr. attacking his youngest brother with a pine branch

Game Nights: Even though I'm horrible at Settlers of Cattan - I still had a great time playing all kinds of games. A big family is cool because most games are best played with more people.

Me and the boys playing "Liar's Dice"

(The Mr. is participating in No-Shave November, so forgive him for looking like a grungy tree-dweller. He shaves tomorrow.)

What are some of your Thanksgiving highlights?


ingrid said...

I'm so excited that you're blogging again! It's always so much fun reading your blog and being able to relate to the things going on in your life.

The Mrs said...

Thanks for following my blog! I love yours and I am excited to start following it.
You should see my hubby as well with with his brothers. When he is with his younger brother they have conversations in movie quotes. Boys will be boys right?

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