Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Signs of Adulthood - Attending Baby Showers

A couple weekends ago we attended our first co-ed baby shower (much to the Mr's chagrin). My Manager had a football-themed shower for her baby boy in Saratoga (the Mr and I were already up in Nor Cal for the USC vs. Stanford game so it worked out perfectly to show up in our USC gear).

The Mr. and I representing for Southern Cal deep in Nor Cal territory. Go Trojans!

The Mom-to-be (she's still thin, I hate her)

Our gift for the parents-to-be (an animals mobile and lion pillow from Babies R Us). I was really impressed with my reusable gift-wrapping skills ($3.99 reusable basked from Michaels, tissue paper, and grosgrain ribbon).

One of the only people at the baby shower younger than me, my co-worker Brittany.

The food! Delish!

What are some of your "Signs of Adulthood?"


...love Maegan said...

how cute! I have to say that I like co-ed baby showers ...they're not as lame and girlie that way. I love how you wrapped the gift ...perfect!

Lorie said...

What a fun idea for a shower! And the basket is a great idea!

Kristy said...

I love co-ed baby showers...all the men look so bored and uncomfortable it's not even funny! It makes it much more fun!

Undomesticated Newlywed said...

My husband and I loved that game! USC has an amazing team!

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