Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sneaking in a Post from Illinois to Pray

Hi everyone!

I know I said I wasn't going to post while at training, and I should be sleeping now, but I had a chance to catch up a few of my favorite blogs tonight...

And my heart is so heavy from reading about the struggles that some of my favorite bloggers are going through, all involving babies or pregnancy.

I'm not a Mom, nor am I yet trying to become one, but my soul just aches for these amazing women. Sometimes I wonder if could ever be as strong as them? Could I deal with heartbreak, loss, and trauma like they are?

The amazing Kelly (mom of miracle baby Harper) started a prayer blog and a special side-bar just for women trying to concieve or families in need of prayer here. I'm not going to do that, but I am going to share the stories of three of my favorite bloggers who are in need of your prayer.

Trying to conceive:
- Mrs. Newlywed. I adore her. She's so honest and fun. And she is a fantastic writer (she doesn't skip words in posts like I do because I type/edit too fast). She recently found out that her chances of conceiving are very low. Please read her story and pray for her.

- Meagan. If I was half as pretty and had half as much style this fellow LA blogger, I'd be a very very happy girl. She also is trying to have a baby. Please check her out and send some love/prayers her way.

Infant Illness:

- I know many of you know the story of MckMama's baby Stellan. He is truly a miracle on earth. He is now in the hospital, sick with a heart problem. Please pray for sweet Stellan. MckMama has recently penned some awesome posts about God and prayer. Not only do I pray for her and her many small childen, but I pray that I can have her same posture when faced with life's hardships.

Prayers for Stellan


Mrs. D said...

Oh I just posted on my blog about sweet baby Stellan also! I feel so bad for this precious little baby!

On another note, I tried the Bar Keepers Friend after I read your referral... It. Is. Amazing! I recommended it to my brother and they are buying it too!

Saskia said...

I am keeping these couples and families in my thoughts. It's great that you're raising more awareness for them x

Lucky in Love said...

Great post.

Hope you're doing well :)

a H.I.T. said...

It's great that you are passing along these sad stories for more awareness and prayers. We will definitely keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

Lil' Woman said...

God Bless all them..My prayers and thoughts are with all these women and their families!

Emily said...

I have been praying for baby stellan and will continue to keep him in my prayers.. could your grandma be any cuter?? I love the picture below of her! soo presh!

Tara Gibson said...

will keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.. thanks for posting!

Seaside Prep said...

thank you for posting this!

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