Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday - 6 Years Ago

Six years ago I became an "adult".

I graduated from USC, got my own apartment, and started my career at Large Consulting Firm.

My graduation day was so fun!

I got to attend the main USC graduation with the Mr.

And I got to walk at the Annenberg School of Communication Graduation with three of my sorority sisters.
LinkYou can follow a couple of them on Twitter. Erin works for CSI NY. And Robyn works for TV Guide. They both tweet a lot about TV and life in the entertainment industry.

I said goodbye to beloved sorority house. "We'll be Gamma Phi's together and when we're gone
There'll be Gamma Phi's here to sing our song."

And then I drove down to San Diego for a fun graduation party that my parents threw for me.

The next week I moved into my first "adult" apartment in Manhattan Beach (4 blocks from the beach!). Here's my old room and living room.

The apartment was a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment and I shared it with my best friend from college. You may recognize her from here. Here's a picture of us from the housewarming party that we threw as soon as we were settled.

I loved that apartment.

I turned 22 a month after we moved in. I felt SO old and mature. Now I realize I was such a baby thing. The Mr. and I celebrated my 22nd birthday at Panchos in Manhattan Beach.

(Don't we look different!?)

The Mr., my roomie, and I had SO much fun that summer. We went out all the time to local South Bay bars and restaurants. We were adults with jobs and money and we were determined to spend that money!

It was such an exciting time. Our first taste of adulthood. Seems both like forever ago and yesterday.

What were you doing 6 years ago?


B. Wilson said...

As we already knew... I can't even tell you how many similarities we have. Not to mention I think I dated someone that your friend dated... and I have pictures from Pancho's, of course.

The dated story... maybe his name was Chad? Shows you how much I cared. We went on like 2 dates and I decided he was not my, um, type. I was facebook friends with him and saw her face. I swear that's her. Anyway, ask her if she dated a guy names Chad in Manhattan Beach. He lived upstairs in some apartment.

So eerie!

Meghan said...

Such a fun post! I too graduated six years ago, but I can't remember the exact day! Whoops! I worked in my college town for the summer and hung out with my best friends/roommates. Then I went to Europe and I got my first job that fall.

Vee said...

WOW! Isn't it crazy to think how far you can come in 6 years? Also, I barely recognized your husband!

To be very honest, which for some reason I'm feeling today, this month (perhaps even this very weekend) marks six years since I walked out on an abusive relationship and changed my entire life. Feels pretty good.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Six years ago, I was a junior in college and wondering what in the world to do with my life. I was debating becoming a cruise director, of all things, to see the world. What a fun post!

Anonymous said...

I miss the carefree fun of my early 20s a lot sometimes! But I wouldn't trade it for my hubby now :) It's fun to reminisce though!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

six years ago I was a newlywed settling into life with my new hubby.. sigh. seems like so long ago!!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

How fun! I love looking back at what I was doing years ago. I also remember feeling very old when I had my own place, and looking back, so much has changed! Your pictures are beautiful!

Rachel said...

What a fun post! It's so crazy how different things can be in just 6 years. 6 years ago I was busy working and spending time with J over the summer since we knew we'd be 8 hours apart again come August. Oh, how the times have changed!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies!?! 6 years ago I had moved to Alabama and was working my first real job!

Lil' Woman said...

Six years ago I was 19 on the Disney College program...getting my first taste of freedom and of 'real life'

Gwen said...

Six years ago we were bringing home our first puppy and awaiting the arrival of our first niece! Happy Graduation Anniversary! I can't believe how different you two look. You are my inspiration!!!

lkr said...

yay gamma phi!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Loko at you Ms. are just making me feel older....

You need to hook a girl up...your um friend who works on the CSI show....cough cough

The Shabby Princess said...

G with an A with an M, M with an M with an A, P with an H, H with an I, Gamma, Gamma, Gamma Phi, Gamma Phi Beta!

Whew, I STILL remember one of my college's GPhi rush cheers, haha (I was a Gamma Phi too, but, I think we've already been over that before...not sure!).

Six years ago I was getting married!

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