Friday, December 05, 2008

A Eulogy for Our Dead Camry

To Our Dear Dead 1994 Toyota Camry:

You were a wonderful car for us. Although you smelled like wet dog and burning motor oil, we loved you. You survived for 240,000 miles on earth and had a good life in Oregon with the Greers and in California with us. I’m so sorry for the time that I backed my car into you – it was nothing personal, I’m just a horrible horrible driver. I know you forgive me.

We knew that you were old and sick and would die someday soon – but we never guessed that a busted headlight and dead battery would be your COD.

You are truly an irreplaceable car (mainly because we have no money to replace you).

Thank you for keeping us safe on the 405 freeway all these years. We hope you will be happy in the junk yard car heaven. You will be missed. RIP.

The Camry: 1994-2008

Now that our Camry is kaput, we officially join a rare group of Los Angelinos, "One-Car Couples". That's right, we live in the one of the most car-obsessed and car-required cities in the USA, and we only have one car. I'm a little worried about sharing (I'm an only child, I don't "share" well). Are there any other couples out there who share a car? How do you deal?


Lo said...

Welcome to the club!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

We only have one car as well...and we're in ATL...another car obsessed/needed city. When Mr. Newlywed's truck died, we just never bothered to replace it. We could...we just don't. No need.

We are lucky that my work is really close to the apartment, so I walk a lot. When I need the car, we just get up an extra 15 minutes earlier and I take Mr. Newlywed to work first.

It isn't bad at all. I don't know where you live in LA, but we live in Buckhead which is a walkable area of Atlanta. There are restaurants, shops, bars, events all within a mile of our apartment almost daily.

Honestly, the only time we even use the car is for when we go to see friends [sometimes], travel, or to work...and I use it for seeing clients. We walk to the grocery, walk to go out to dinner, use MARTA to go to the airport, use MARTA to go downtown...

It isn't so bad...I promise. Sure there are days when it seems bad, but in the end you are saving a TON of money for a few minutes of a few days of inconvenience.

Rachel said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to join the club... sorry! I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex - also a very car obsessed area - and it would be near impossible to share a car. For one, I drive into Dallas every day to work, and sometimes need to drive to client's houses. Chris drives into Fort Worth (opposite direction) when he's in town. I wish you two luck, though!! I hope you can find a way to work it out.

I'm hoping and praying that my super cool 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee will putter on a little longer!!! Like you, I can't really afford to replace her right now.

Emily said...

I was without a car for a little bit.. but I work really far away from where we live and so ryan was having to get up earlier than normal and take me to work!
i tagged you on my blog!!

With Love from New Orleans said...

I had to share for awhile with the hubby while my brother borrowed my car... you get suprisingly use to it after awhile!

Nicole said...

you will save money...but OMG I would go crazy out here with 1 car!!! good luck girl!!!

ingrid said...

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that we don't join the club, our '99 civic is getting tired. I'm not sure how we could possibly share a car!

K said...

Oh wow - this is going to be me with my 1994 Camry in just a short bit! I think I should start writing it's eulogy now...

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