Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Signs of Adulthood: New Years Eve as a "Couple"

This blog's subtitle is "Newly Wed, Nearly Mature" -- which I think sums us up really well. In many ways I still feel like an adolescent sorority girl, and in some ways I already feel like an old married lady. So I've started a series of posts called "Signs of Adulthood" (check out my first post about "baby showers") and I plan to blog about all the things that I do that make feel like an actual "grown-up". Today's topic? New Years Eve as a "Couple."

Although I haven't been "single" for a New Years since 2002, this is our first New Years as married couple. And it just so happens that this year we're not spending New Years at a bar, or a club, or house party... but we're doing a fancy pre-fixed dinner with wine at gourmet restaurant in Long Beach, just the two of us. I'm really excited about it, but it does make me feel like an adult ringing in the New Years as a "couple" without wild drunken debauchary like so many years past.

How about the rest of you? How are you spending New Years? Night on the town? Quiet night at home? With friends?

Wherever you are, the Newlyweds Next Door wish you a very Happy New Year and fabulous 2009!


Mojito Maven said...

oooo I am SO THERE!!! It is our first NYE as a married couple and it feels strange. We're not doing the whole clubs/bars either. We are also doing a night at a fancy restaurant with a pre fixe menu and wine. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

We're going out to appetizers with some friends, but we're following it up with a party soiree at the Ritz.

I imagine it isn't going to be the drunken debauchery it was in the past...but it should still be filled with dancing and delight. A more grown up but not too grown up affair.

Lindsey said...

It's our first married couple NYE too and we're laying low at home with a couple friends, wine, food and games. I think the fancy dinner out sounds awesome! Have a very happy new year!

Sarah said...

O wow that dinner sounds nice! Last year was our first NYE as a married couple and was super exciting make the most of it you always remember the first's

Mrs. Cup said...

Happy New Year!!

Nicole said...

Happy New Years! Anxious for tomorrows game :)

ps.. PSU alum :)

shalay said...

That dinner sounds amazing, and I'm sure it was! Well, it was our first new year's eve as a married couple as well. We hadn't planned on doing anything, but at last minute we hit the bars on Main St in Huntington. We just told ourselves that we had to get it in now before we have kids! Happy new year!

Sassy Pants said...

Not married yet, but a quiet night with just me and the sisters. I love it, but man... I was tired before midnight even hit!

Anonymous said...

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Saskia said...

Happy New Year!

It was our first 'married New Year' too. We spent NYE with Mr B's parents and we went out for a meal. Very civilised and quite grown-up!

Saskia x

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