Friday, January 23, 2009

The Hilarity of Google Analytics

I was messing around on Google Analytics the other day and looked at the "keyword" searches that brought people to my wedding blog. HILARIOUS! Why are people do random?

So I created a list of the "Top 10" funniest google searches that took people to wedding blog (with my commentary below in italics)

#10: a good life journey message for the wedding couple on their wedding day
Um, I’d like some clarification on what exactly “a life journey message” is and what would be make it good?

#9: “wedding uplighting uplights kirsten
Specific, yet random.

#8: “fiesta theme bridesmaid dresses”
Dear gawd, I hope they didn’t find these. Ew.

#7: ingraving on tums
Huh? Does “tum” mean stomach? If so, do not “ingrave” (sic) your stomach. I’d opt for a tattoo.

#6: “are tungsten wedding bands dangerous?”
No. It's a ring, not plutonium

#5) “avg wedding gift for good friends”
I’m guessing that “avg” stands for average. To which I’d respond: if they are really your good friends, I would recommend that you not get them an “average” gift. That’s not cool, bro.

#4) candid bachelorette party photos
Not funny unless you think about what this person was likely really looking for. Pervert.

#3) weird engagement invitations pictures
I’m confused as to which thing is weird? The engagement? The invitations? Are you inviting people to your engagement with a weird picture?

#2) day after wedding brunch stupid
If it is so stupid then why are you googling for it?

#1) “i saw a ring with a turquoise starfish”
Um… cool… good for you? (WTF?!)

Happy Friday everyone!


d.a.r. said...

Love it!! Those are all incredibly bizarre!

Chic Runner said...

Ha ha, I get the funniest ones too! I'll have to post that soon. It's seriously funny what people google.

Rachel said...

Hilarious...and I hope they didn't find those gawdy dresses either!

Rachel said...

I'm going to have to check that out too.
Some of those are so weird...

Have a great weekend!

Blablover5 said...

I love random internet searches.

I've gotten "need for boobs" "boring wedding" "mini me's wife" and just recently "puppy apartment virus."

shalay said...

These crack me up! The funniest one I have gotten is "dog sniffles". WTF?

Anonymous said...

HAHA - some of them are so funny and yet oh so weird too!

Sweet Simplicity said...

These are so funny! I love looking at this stuff on my google analytics.

i Do {blog!} said...

hahaha, those are hilarious! Now I'm going to have to check into mine to see if there's anything funny! I especially like the fiesta dresses, lol

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

How random! I can't say that I've ever searched those topics before...I can't say I've ever thought to search those topics. Funny!

Lindsey said...

This is funny!!!

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