Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday -- Working Toward Lifetime

Hello to all the WW ladies out there! How was your week?

I went to WW last night and I'm down .5 lb (so basically no change but at least no gain). I skied a lot for exercise this week, but also ate at lot at Breckenridge. So that makes sense.

The meeting leader last night talked to me about becoming a WW Lifetime Member. In order to become lifetime, I only need to lose 5 lbs! So exciting!

Is anyone else a Lifetime Member?


Mojito Maven said...

i am also 5lbs away from lifetime!! but let me tell you...those last 5 pounds are pesky little things...they just won't go away!!

Mrs. Cup said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Mrs. Wife said...

That is so fun that y'all have this little club!

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Congrats! I'm so glad that Blogger allows for a good circle of support!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

I just read your post about going car-less... My area is second only to LA for traffic, and I kid you not, I pray for a job on the metro line! I really don't like driving (aka sitting still on the highway). I am so jealous! You will get so much reading done! :)

Lindsey said...

That is awesome!! My mom is a lifetime member and she loves it and is still maintaining her goal weight!

Lulu said...

So jealous you spent so much time in Breck! Love that place. Also, big congrats on being so close to a Lifetime member! That is so much fun. We're rooting for you!
Happy Friday!

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