Monday, April 06, 2009

When is Picture Perfect Too Perfect?

Thank you all for the recommendations on magazines! I’ll definitely pick up a bunch of the recommended reads and report back.

I was looking through my post and I couldn’t help but notice something that most of the magazine covers have in common…ridiculous photoshopping.

It made me think of Jezebel’s critique on Faith Hill’s Redbook cover. You have to check out that link and let me know how far your jaw dropped.

In fact Jezebel has a whole group of pictures they've lovingly titled “Photoshop of Horrors”. Which includes this gem of Jessica Alba:

I mean, seriously? She was already tiny! In the retouched photo she lacks a ribcage. Which is, in fact, vital to life... at least last time I checked.

When I did my Boudoir photography shoot last summer, I found a really awesome God-honoring studio called Woman Captured to do the pics (note: the pics rocked!) Their goal is have a positive effect on the way our society views beauty and bring it back from its current state of distortion. They had a great video posted on their blog. It seriously worth a look:

It’s part of the Dove series.

What do you think about the rampant photoshopping? Love it? Hate it? Over it? Jealously wish you could get all your own photos professionally photoshopped?


Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

That video was amazing! I'm a firm believer that what we teach the children of today they will want to do tomorrow.

Rachel said...

WOW. That Faith Hill photo was crazy. So sad that they feel the need to change her like that.

I'd seen that Dove video before, but I'm glad you posted it. I think its message is so strong. Really makes me want to turn off my tv every time a "beauty" ad comes on tv.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow, great video! besides making me feel a little bit better about myself that they don't actually look like that =), i think it's definitely unneccesary for all that photoshopping (except lighting maybe =))...i feel the same way about singers editing and sounding way better on their cds when they can't sing in person. =)

Ashley said...

my goodness... faith hill is beautiful as she is... everyone gets wrinkles and such. i can understand a little correction on that sort of thing for a magazine cover, but was in really necessary to cut her arms in half when they were already a fine size??

you've got me diving into all kinds of articles on jezebel about this stuff lol.

Anonymous said...

I think it's ridiculous how much photoshopping. We're suppose to be sending girls the message that they are beautiful the way they are and then they see this stuff. It doesn't need to be done. These women are beautiful already. I'm completely against it.

BTW.. this is off topic, but I left something for you over my way.

Jenny said...

I feel photoshop has gotten out of control. Even truely beautiful girls nowadays can't complete with the perfection of technology. :(

It has ruined what we should be focusing on in life... like family, friends, love, and enjoyment... and created an unnecessary competition.

Miss Adventure said...

That was sickening to look at. I cannot believe that the media is allowed to distort peoples images in such dramatic ways without officially saying something about it. No one so many people in our country and around the world have body image issues!

kilax said...

I think it's lame lame lame and wish they would quit doing it. But I kind of take everything with a grain of salt these days - nothing too seriously. So I expect it now. If it looks too good to be real - I figure IT IS!

Emily said...

I know a future lil g phi b:) Im gonna have to get her a cute lil shirt or something:)
I love all the dove commercials sometiems they make me tear up a lil!!! I just think they have such a great meaning.... not many commercials mags do these days!!
Oh Also love all the baby pictures and what you did for your wedding..we have some baby pictures in frames at our house.. some of my favorites of us:)

Tara Gibson said...

that video was great. It is crazy how much they photoshop these days! Jessica alba looked better in the before!

Kpod said...

I'm new to your blog, so I just wanted to say hi. I agree, the Jessica Alba photoshop job is absolutely ridiculous. I mean that was right after she had her baby, right?

Anyway, I love your blog. And can I also say that your wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous (I was doing some back post reading)!.

Brittany said...

Those photos are ridiculous. No wonder we have so many people with self esteem issues!
I'm kinda disappointed in Faith Hill. Not that she cares :) I thought she was more real than that.

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