Thursday, May 14, 2009

100th Post - 20 Questions with the Newlywed Next Door!

It’s officially my 100th post!

In honor of this momentous post, I’m answering your questions! Seriously great questions everyone! I’ve bucketed them into a few key categories. Here goes…

Married Life

1) Shoshanah asked, “I don't know if you've told the story before, but how did you and your husband meet?”
We met the first week of our Junior year at the University of Southern California. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but we met at the Campus Bar. We were both “Greek” (Fraternity/Sorority) and this bar is THE place for Greeks to hang out. We got introduced by a mutual friend, at the end of the night he asked for my phone number, and the rest is history!

2) Emily asked, “ What is your favorite thing about being married?
Living together and sharing the small moments – waking up together, making breakfast together, having our own home. See, we didn’t really live together before we got married, so living together full time is so great! But overall, just feeling like a “family” together is really cool.

3) ~K~ asked, “What is Mr. Newlywed's most annoying habit that drive you insane?”
Hilarious! A few months ago I would have said, either leaving dirty dishes in the sink or leaving his clean clothes in dryer – but he’s gotten so much better about both! {thanks hun!} He does do this “knee bouncing” thing when he’s sitting out the couch, sitting at dinner, or riding shotgun in my car. Sometimes the shaking just drives me bonkers!

4) Rachel asked, “Who cooks the most in your home? You or Mr. Newlywed? What is your favorite thing to make?”
I’d have to say it’s about 50/50 – but neither of us cook too much, especially during the week. The Mr. grills out a lot – steaks, salmon, bratwurst, chicken, etc. but I do more actual recipes. My favorite thing to makes are soups and stews in my crock pot! So easy, healthy, and tasty.

The Future

5) Crazy Shenanigans asked, “Where is the one place you would never want to live?"
At the risk of insulting someone, I’d have to say Alaska. Don’t get me wrong, Alaska is beautiful – especially in the Summer. But the thought of constant cold and darkness for half of the year makes me chilly and depressed just thinking about it! I'm a born and raised So Cal girl! I need my sunshine!

6) Tara cut right to the chase asked, “when are you two going to have kids? : )”
You sound like our mothers! Kidding! If it is God’s plan for us to have our own children, it will be between two and five years from now. This is going to sound crazy, but I’ve read so many infertility blogs that I’m so paranoid that I won’t be able to have my own children. Crazy, huh? Right now we’re just enjoying be newlyweds and focusing our careers and post-graduate education.

7) Brittany Ann asked, “Where do you see Mr. Newlywed and yourself in 10 years?”
Wow, a lifetime can happen in 10 years! Ideally we will still be living in Southern California (in a much bigger home) with one or two children. I’d like to be in upper management at that point, or even better, running my own business. But who knows, life could take us anywhere!

Southern California

8) Cristina asked, “What is the best thing about living in so-cal?” and Emily ask “what is your favorite part of living in cali?”
It’s cliché, but the best part is the weather. Living at the beach it’s almost always between 62 and 85 degrees and never too humid. And the ocean is so beautiful -- I find the ocean so calming and inspiring. I also love the cross-section of cultures. Billboards in Spanish, amazing Korean BBQ, you name it!

9) Shoshanah also asked, "do you have any favorite tourist-y things to do in SoCal?"
I love to go to the beach – beautiful and free! I also love shopping at the famous shopping areas – 3rd Street Promenade, Beverly Center, The Grove. The Sunset Strip is great for bars and restaurants. There are also some great museums in West LA, including the still active La Brea Tar Pits. LA also has great sports teams: Lakers, Dodgers, and USC Trojans! All of those teams have great venues and festivities for games.


10) Mrs M. asked, “What has been your most favorite place you visited?”
First of all, let me say that I am so blessed. My parents took me to so many amazing places growing up – All over Europe, Japan, Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and all over the rest of the US so it’s really hard to pick one. But, I would have to say Australia. Sydney is just an amazing city. I also love London and Madrid.

11 & 12) Mrs. Potts asked, “What has been your least favorite place to travel?” and “What is your number 1, swear by travel tip?”
I really can’t think of a “least favorite” place. I really like traveling in general. When I was traveling to Seattle almost every week from Nov 2005 – Feb 2006 I experienced “the most consecutive days of rain since the 1950s.” That was pretty miserable. Like I said above, I don’t do well without sunshine.
My #1 travel trip is the one that my guest blogger Erin blogged about a couple of months back. Most carry-on roller bags will fit in the overhead bag with their wheels out. You don’t need to turn them sideways. It’s a huge space saver and can help you and other to not have to check bags!


13) Marie asked, “I noticed you reviewed American Wife. I loved that book as well! That said, what is your favorite book?”
Thanks for asking about books, Marie! Reading is one of my favorite things to do. My very favorite book is “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s told from the perspective of five women over a 30-year span. A-mazing book.
Other favorite fiction books: I Know This Much is True, Nineteen Minutes, The Lovely Bones, and A Thousand Splendid Suns,
Favorite Non-fiction: The Bible, The Barbarian Way, The Purpose Driven Life, and Outliers

14 & 15) Southern Bride asked "Where do you like to shop? And what are your top 5 favorite movies?"
My works clothes are all from Express, Banana Republic, Macy’s and Nordstrom. Most of my weekend wear is also from a combination of those places plus Forever 21. I like Forever 21 for cheap, trendy clothes and accessories.
Favorite movies are: Office Space, Jerry Maguire, Forrest Gump, Boondock Saints, and Father of the Bride. Random, I know!


16) Mrs. Potts also asked, “Your hair always looks so pretty. What products do you use?”
Mrs. Potts! How did you know that flattery will get you everywhere!? You are too sweet! So in all honesty, I’m really “mean” to my hair. Since I have naturally wavy hair, I blow it out and curl it about 6 days a week. I use “John Frieda Sheer Blonde” shampoo and conditioner and switch it up with Pantene Pro-V. I’m a total believer that your hair can get “used to” a shampoo/conditioner. My favorite product is Kerastase serum. Totally tames frizzies and smells amazing.

17) Katie asked, “when you were little, what did you want to be when you ‘grow up’?”
When I was really little I wanted to be a doctor. Then I realized that math and science were not my strong subjects; I was much better at social studies and history. Then I wanted to be a news reporter for a long time. Then in high school I really wanted to work in politics – press secretary, campaign manager, etc. Then at USC I got really interested in Business and ended up in consulting.

18) A Balancing Act asked, “What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?”
When my husband and I were first dating my parents came up for a Football game at USC. I was sitting apart from them in the student section. During the game I started to feel really sick from a medication I was taking and the Mr. took me back to his Fraternity House to take care of me. After the game my parents couldn’t find me and went back to my Sorority House. They ran around my house looking for me, making huge fuss until one girl told them that she thought I had gone to TKE Fraternity. They then barged into TKE asking every guy where I was. They finally found the Mr’s room and barged in to find me asleep on his couch. Of course the story got exaggerated (my parents found us hooking up, he drugged me, etc.) and was the talk of both of our houses for the next week. Needless to say, not the best first impression for the Mr. to make on my parents. But I guess all’s well that ends well.

19) Kelley asked, “If you could be any food, what would it be and why?"
Wow this is tough because I love food! But I’d be a potato – mashed, baked, boiled, fried, you name it! That way I’d be delicious, versatile, satisfying, comforting and loved by almost everyone in one form or another. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food -- we even had a midnight mashed potato bar at our wedding.

20) Ingrid asked, “when are you doing your Trash The Dress?"
This weekend! So excited Any tips??!!

WOW. This got really long! Thanks so much for reading it if you made it this far! Also, thank you all for reading my blog for the past 100 posts! You all are so amazing! Your support, comments, and friendship mean the world to me. I can't wait to share the next 100 posts with you all!


littlesack said...

fun answers! Thanks for sharing!
have fun at the trash the dress..can't wait for pics!

Undomesticated Newlywed said...

I'm doing my trash the dress this weekend as well! I've been saving a folder on my desktop with inspiration...we should share ideas!

Lucky in Love said...

This rocked girl! Congrats on 100 posts...and have fun at your Trash the Dress this weekend! Can't wait to see pics!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Very cute! Congratulaions on your 100th post!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love reading all your answers! Can't wait for the pics from you photo shoot.

Katie said...

Math and Science aren't my thing either... so I became a Communications Major haha.

I can't wait to see the trash the dress pictures!

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Great questions and great answers! You two are adorable and congrats on 100 posts!

a H.I.T. said...

What a fun post, congratulations!

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats on your 100th post! :)
Big Man can stand when I "bounce" my leg on the couch or in the car either.

Kpod said...

Your embarrassing story is hilarious/terrible! I can't even imagine how mortified I would be if my parents set foot in a frat house.

Chic Runner said...

Love the Q and A :) I LOVE mashed potatoes too... :) Perhaps on our next girls night we'll have some. Too funny!

ingrid said...

I just scheduled my TTD for June! We should all shared our ideas :)

Ally said...

What consulting firm do you work at?

Ally said...

I love the dress, by the way, what do you mean by trash the dress?! I hope you aren't going to ruin it!

Becky said...

I don't know if I could read your blog anymore because you went to USC!! =( Kidding!!!! We are ND fans!

Rachel said...

I loved this! Thanks for all the answers!

I feel the same way about having kids. I have stumbled upon so many blogs of wonderful women who have trouble getting pregnant, and it has put so much fear into me. It drives my husband crazy! Glad I'm not the only one!

Can't wait for your trash the dress photos!

*~! megs !~* said...

GAH!!! I am so mad I missed your questions post! See what happens when you're sick for 2 days?!?!

Nineteen Minutes and The Lovely Bones are two of my alltime favorite books. Great choices!!

And I can't wait to hear about your Trash the Dress session! I've been going back and forth about doing this for a while now. Let me know how it goes!

Sarah said...

I love the mashed potato bar idea how fun

Shoshanah said...

Congrats on making 100 posts! A little random, but was wondering if you knew the author of The Lovely Bones lives in Long Beach? I found that out a few years back and thought that bit of trivia was awfully fun

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that no matter how well you know someone you can always grow to know them better --especially when they continue to be interesting and evolving! This was really fun for me to read! Love you :-)

Lo said...

crock pot! woot!

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